4 Entry-level Methods To Make Money On Social Media 2019

Are you constantly on social media?Why not make money while your at it.You can use these 4 ways as a side hustle or even turning it into your full time income.

Lets get started.

# 1 Sell Products on Social Media

The easiest way to make money on social media is to sell all the junk items that you don’t need on social media platforms.Have you heard of the phase “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”Your old baseball card collection and outdated clothes might be worthless to you but you never know,there’s demand for everything.

Here are the platforms you can list your items on.

Facebook and Craigslist

The biggest Pros on Facebook Market & Cragislist are No Fees and huge traffic.

Biggest Cons,the platform does not provide any guarantee or shipping service.


Ebay is the most popular platform to sell pretty much anything besides Amazon.The biggest Pro selling on Ebay is they take care of the whole process,you just have to list your item on it.For Con,I think the Fee is pretty high most of the time is 20% or higher.


If you have a lot of clothes,try Poshmark.Clothing does really well on Poshmark however the fee is pretty high.


Mercari is getting pretty popular because things sell really quick on Mercari since the platform will promote your product every once in a while without having you to pay the advertise fee but they will put your product in discount.

# 2 Become An Afiliate Marketer

Every time Kim Kardashian take a selfie with a beauty product on her Instagram post,99% of the time she is promoting a product and she is getting paid 100K-500K on a single post since she have over 125M Instagram followers.

You can do this too!If you have a large following on a social media platform find a product that you think your audience might be interest in and start promoting it.

For starter I would recommend try promoting products on Clickbank since It have ton of variety to choose.

Amazon also have an affiliate program and is super easy to get in!

# 3 Be A Social Media Manager

Have you ever thought of managing your local restaurant’s facebook page and instagram account?

You can charge a business anywhere from $1,000-$10,000 per month.

Here are things that you can offer to these business

Scheduling daily content

  • Create new post
  • Scheduling daily content
  • Engage with their audiences
  • Generate new leads

# 4 Create And Manage A Facebook Group

Creating a Facebook page is simple and you cant even create one on your personal account.Pick a niche that you want to target and create a facebook group base on that.People use the Facebook search bar to look for groups all the time and they might just end up on yours.

A Facebook group is a great way to build up an audience and promote your products.Once you get a decent audience,you can start promoting your affiliate links or your own products and since you are the administrator,you can pretty much share anything in the group.


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