The Fundamentals Of Building A Personal Brand Starter Kit

I started building my personal branding in January of 2019 to document my journey to financial freedom and buying Esport Franchises. As of right now, I’m one month and a half in building my personal brand. 

If you’re starting out or looking into establishing a personal brand for yourself, this Blog post will cover the macro of my blueprint which leads to the YouTube video to cover the rest.

The Y

The most important part of building a personal brand is to figure out why you’re building a personal brand in the first place. The questions you need to ask yourself are Am I building a brand or a sales business? What motivates me to build a personal brand? Being self-aware and recognizing the direction of your brand is the most essential component of the fundamentals.

Content Creation 

There are plenty of platforms out there to create content on but it all comes down to four forms of communication, written words, image, audio, and video.Now there is a learning curve to master all four forms of communication so stick with the one that comes natural to you first and slowly pick up the rest.

Pumping out content should be your first priortiy

Document, Don’t Create

Sharing your journey to your accomplishments is already enough.A lot of us think we need to have huge accomplishments before starting a personal brand.You‘ll never run out of content ideas if your content creation process consist of simply sharing the backstage of the journey.

Content Distribution

To maximize your content exposure, you’ll need to spend sometime distributing your content across varieties of the social platform because your audiences don’t just stay on one platform. Optimize your content for search and adjusted your content accordingly to fit the platform.

For example:

When we get on Instagram we have the attention span of a goldfish, summarize your blog post into one sentence.

Linkedin users are not looking for the latest meme or jokes when they’re on the platform, you might need to take out a couple lines out of your post before posting on Linkedin.

Pinterest users are 60% women so make your pins relatable to women.


Use the sawdust model to re-purpose your content into micro-contents. Make one long-form piece of content,create short forms pieces of content like Instagram quotes, mashup contents, stories.etc then distribute all content on relevant social platforms.

For example, I’m making this blog post into a youtube video,a Pinterest pin, a Linkedin status, an Instagram post, etc. The great thing about this model is that when you produce one content, you can keep recycling it into micro-content.

Credit to Gary Vaynerchuk


Now I’ll be only covering organic traffic since I haven’t used any ads yet. When you’re just getting started, you want to focus more on short term traffic like subreddit and facebook groups because you need to get your content out ASAP to build the momentum.80% of my traffic comes from subreddit and in my opinion, it’s the best organic traffic sources right now.

Short Term Traffic

Short term traffic source are Facebook groups , subreddit and tribal traffic(viral content Bee,tailwind) etc..

The purpose of short term traffic is to drive the most traffic in the least amount of time and effort.Now I recommend you all to try all of these platforms and see which one works the best for you.

Long Term Traffic

You will need to develop long term traffic source that are sustainable by itself, for example, Google rankings, Pinterest and Quora.

Google SEO will take a long time to start ranking your website,you can hire SEO experts from Freelancer to improve your search optimization.

To dominate the Pinterest traffic game you will need to join Pinterest group boards that are related to your niche. You can find Pinterest group board to join with Pinterest Groupie then request an invitation to become a contributor.Here is a video by caffeinated blogger that shows you step by step on joining Pinterest group boards.

Quora is a question-and-answer website where questions are asked, answered,  in the form of opinions. Since Quora is owned by Google, the contents on the platform will rank much higher. You can win the Quora traffic game by copy and paste your own blog/content to answer other people’s question.

Here is one of the SEO top dog confirming this method


You want to give your content an equal amount of opportunity to succeed because you want the market to be the judge of what is a good piece of content. The wildfire term is a stage I call when content reaches the surface for example, the first page of the search engine and ranking 1st on Youtube. You will see exponential growth with your traffic when one of your content gets to this stage. You can check out my blog post & video on How I Made $649 Passive Income In The First Month On Etsy that entered this stage in three weeks.

If you don’t have a website right now,I recommend using the same website builder and host that I have, they have work wonders for me.

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