Episode #1 Crush It On Social Media 16 Raw Tips

1.Use Long Tail Hashtags

Using long tail hashtags to separate yourself from the crowd because your post will stay on top longer compare to a 500K hashtag which leads to more reach.I’ve double my IG post impressions this month by switching all of my hashtags to keywords within 50k posts.

I was able to generate 1.4K reach from one IG post with less than 1000 followers. The primary reason was because it was able to stay on the top post section for #nybusiness and #nycbusiness over three days.

2.Use @ Mentions on Your Instagram Post And Stories

As we all know you cant add links on the comment section in IG and most of the time people are not looking at your post in your profile. When your posts show up in their feed, make it easier for them to click on your link by including a @ of your username. This way they don’t have to scroll all the way up and it has increased my website visits by 20% from IG.

When you @ mention a person on IG stories it becomes clickable and this is a great way to cross promote your audiences with another person.

3. $1.80 Strategy Participate In The Community

Social media shouldn’t just be all about you, become part of the community.$1.80 Strategy was invented by GaryVee which is a simple concept to grow your following. Use Instagram to search up related hashtags to your niche, pick 9 posts, consume it and leave 9 comments every day on the top posts. Each comment is worth 20 cents which ads up to $1.80.The key here is to vibe with the community either by providing value or be entertaining.

Jumping into another other influencer’s audiences that are related to your niche is a great method to get some publicity
Yes, top comments are cool but it’s not about getting on the top comment section.You can simply interact with other people that are commenting and build relationships one by one.

4. Create engaging content For SEO And Share

You want to create engaging content with your audiences because of the social algorithm in 2019 priorities comments over likes & shares since it takes more effort to leave a comment than clicking a button. Figuring out how your content can trigger maximum engagement is essential to grow social presence.

Contagious by Jonah Berger is the bible for viral content psychology 101.

5.Capture The Attention In The First 7 Second With Visual

Our attention span is getting shorter and shorter each year,According to research, our attention span has markedly decreased in just 15 years. In 2000, it was 12 seconds. Now, 15 years later, it’s shrunk significantly to 8.25 seconds.Have you notice we prefer to answer text more often than a phone call? That is because when someone calls us,they are taking time out of us at that moment of time meanwhile we can choose to answer a text whenever we felt like it.

There is a very informative article Peep Laja wrote about What really Grab and Hold Website Visitor’s Attention Here

6. Put # In Your Instagram Bio

By adding hashtags into your Instagram bio, profile visitors are able to click directly through to view the respective content. Adding branded hashtags or hashtags related to your interests makes your bio much more functional, allowing you to highlight branded content and share more of your interests with profile visitors.

It’s recommended that you create your own hashtag or use one that is below 50K post.

Did you know you can add hashtags in IG stories to increase view as well?Here is a video by Thor Aarsand shows you how to add and hide hashtags on IG stories .

7. Keep Them On The Platform

Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Linkedin and pretty much all the social platforms out there have one common algorithm. Social media platforms make most of the money with ads, the longer a user can keep a consumer on the platform the more “love” the platform algorithm will provide to you let me explain.

For example, you have 1,000 followers on Instagram. When you share a post, Instagram will show it to 10%(not the exact number)of your followers, depending on the engagement, likes, and how long people are looking at the post, Instagram will decide if they should show it more of your followers

8. Reply With Video

This is a more sincere way to communicate plus it’s as quick as replying with text.

9.Create Your Own Branded Gif

Giphy has slowly become a search engine and brands are starting to notices it. Creating your own GIF along with targeted keywords on Giphy that features your brand is a nice way to tap in the younger generations plus It’s badass to use your own GIFs.

10. Create Micro-Content

To maximize your content exposure, you’ll need to spend sometime distributing your content across varieties of the social platform because your audiences don’t just stay on one platform. You can turn a youtube video into a blog post, Facebook/LinkedIn status, flip it around 90 degrees on Instagram IGTV then make it into a 60sec IG video post and so on.

11.Optimize Your Linkedin Heading For Organic Search

Linkedin is an amazing platform that can generate organic traffic. You want to have a short and clear heading that sums up what you do because when you send a connect request only your name and your heading will show on the request.

12. Produce Only Niche Content

whether you want to grow your Instagram following or Youtube sub as fast as you can, posting only contents that are related to your specific
niche will accelerate your growth dramatically. I hate limiting creativity to grow social accounts so I only do this for brands and client accounts.

13. It Goes Down In The DM

The Internet & social media has made everyone reachable in today’s society and you might be one DM away from landing your next client or job. The key to win the direct messaging is to provide the other person more value than what you’re asking. Here is a good example.

14. Build Your Own Community

Create a community of people that really likes your content because then you can build a deeper relationship by interacting with them on a regular.When it comes to building a following on social media I like to think of it as the Starbucks slogan ” one person, one cup and one neighborhood at a time.” You have to nourish your followers Like Tip #14 stated go narrow instead of going wide.

Facebook were an amazing platform to build a community on but now it has been water down by monetization and it’s blogger unfriendly.Let me explain, Facebook has allow other people to run ads using your followers’ list/group members along with algorithms that penalized redirect links away from the platform.

Youtube,slack and discord are replacing Facebook groupsslowly.If you’re planning to build your community,consider one of these platforms to be the base of your community to interact.

15. Use Social Media Management Tools

Use Buffer and Hootsuite to post in multiple platforms with automation and schedule your posts according to your audience so your content can be seem on the top of their feed.I’ll go more details on social media managment tools in Episode #2 Crush It On Social Media .

16. Use Quuu To Create Content Curation on Auto-Pilot

Quuu is a tool that can find your articles according to your niche and post them autmatically with Buffer and Hootsuite. This is the beginning of massive production of media content and you should take advantage of content curation tools.

Right now, Quuu can link up with Facebook groups,Linkedin and Twitter. As of the time I’m posting this blog post, Quuu is having difficulties with Instagram so I’m leaving IG out.

Episode #2 Crush It On Social Media cover how to semi-automate social media on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Linkedin which will 10x your results and look at social media in a different way.

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