How To Run A Facebook Ad Campaign Without Knowing The Technical Skills

Organic reach is getting worst each year and ads are getting more expensive, take advantage of Facebook ads before it goes out of the window. Whether you’re trying to promote a service or a product on Facebook, the goal is to optimize for the best return on investment when it comes to running a successful ad campaign. This blog post will cover the fundamentals of running a successful ad campaign and how you can start running a killer campaign without knowing all the technical skills.

Target Audience

The first thing you need to figure out is your target audience. Who are your customers? Where is your potential client? Basically the demographics of your audience. Now there are numbers of ways you can do this, I’ll list three methods that are solid.

Facebook Audience Insights

There is a reason why Facebook is free.“If is free you’re the product” Mark Zuckerberg put your personal information in their database so they can sell Facebook ads to marketers which makes Facebook one of the largest databases on the planet, it provides a huge amount of demographic and behavioral data about your audience and that of your competitors.

Website Visitor

Targeting people that visit your website makes a lot of senses because they’re already interested in whatever you’re putting out, they can come from your blog post, social media or referrals and etc. Now, you can even narrate down to only target people that click on a specific page on your website, the contact form and you get the gist. Do not worry about knowing how to do this, I’ll explain how you can get this set up later in the post.

Email List

Yes the old fashion email list, you can upload your list on Facebook ad manager which now you can run ads to this list of audience. Nothing special about emails so we’re going to move on to creating the ad.

Creating The Ad

Creating The facebook ad

Before we dive in and create the ad, we will need to do some “market research”. You can use BigSpy to spy on your competitor’s ads. For example, If I type in NYC lawyer in BigSpy, it will show me all of the ads that are targeting this term on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Yahoo, Twitter, and Admob. I will also be able to see the engagement, the ad copy, and the advertiser. Stalking Your Competition: There is a star button on each ad, clicking on it will alert you whenever this advertiser launches a new ad.

Faceless unrecognizable man without identity

In addition, you can go to your competitor’s Facebook page and click on “Info and Ads” you will see all of their ads on Facebook, use these methods to replicate and reverse engineer what has work for your competitor.

Now that you got your target audience and some digging on your competitor’s ad, it’s time to create your own. There is three part of creating an ad, the ad image/video, the ad copy, and the landing page to convert the lead(You might not need a landing page depending on what kind of campaign your working with).

Outsource the part your not good with to Upwork and Fiverr. Show them your competitor’s ad and have them replicate something similar.

Split Testing

When you’re starting a brand new campaign, the most important thing is to split test because you need data to tweak and make adjustments according to the data in order to get the best ROI. Now, this is the most technical part of running a Facebook campaign and the reason we split test ads against each other is that it allows you to see what strategies produce the best results. Remember the title of this blog is run “How To Run A Successful Facebook Ad Campaign Without Know The Technical Skills”? You probably guess it, you hire people from upwork or freelancer to run the ads but let me show you a super powerful way to make this profitable.

Again, go to either Freelancer or Fiverr and post a job for PPC campaign manager, you will set the hour as flexible which means you’re not set for a fixed hour and let me explain why you want to do that. Instead of split testing the ad campaign which requires a lot of technical skills, you’re going to be split testing people.

Hire three PPC managers for one week and give all of them the same amount of campaign budget. At the end of the week, fire the ones that are not profitable and increase the budget and the hour of the profitable managers. Repeat this progress until you get three to five profitable PPC managers because you don’t want to put all your egg in one basket. Although freelance websites are against buyer contacting seller offline, I would suggest you hire them off the freelance site for the long term because they will get paid way more and they will thank you for that.

“You don’t have to know everything, you just have to know enough that it works”. – Someone

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