See How You Can Drive Organic Traffic Like A Manic

I launched at the beginning of the year to document my journey to financial freedom and in this blog post, I’m going to share how I drive 3.4 K views in 7 days in 15 minutes organic traffic to my website. Previous month I generated a 6.5K organic view to my Etsy shop with mainly Tailwind and Printest.

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If you would like to read my experience selling on Etsy here is the blog postHow To Make Passive Income On Etsy 2019

Today I’m going to share something different. Traffic is the oxygen of any website&brand, without i makes you irrelevant on the Internet.

I’m giving yall the Mic

I think in today’s society,if you give more than you take,eventually you will win at the end.It’s the same concept on the Internet but just with technology.Jab Jab Hook,that is the blueprint.

If you’re constantly throwing right hooks which means asking for something without giving more value then it becomes hard to build up the traction with your content or product.

Have you noticed our attention are getting more expensive? Fifteen years ago email marketing was the shit. Getting a 90% open rate is normal, now it takes a free ebook just to have someone sign up on the email list. Google keywords were 5 cents a click now it’s a couple dollar.

The top three platforms as of right now that hold the most attention is Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram. Distributing contents on all of this platform is key and not putting all the eggs in one basket.

Now most of us doesn’t have a huge following to start with or the “plug” to get the ball rolling and ends up never share their piece of mind.

Recently I started working on driving organic traffic to my website. I was able to drive 3.4 K views in 7 days in 15 minutes  on posting my content on mostly Reddit.

Literally It Took Me 15 Minutes To Get 3.4 K Views

It’s quite simple actually,I find subReddits that are related to my content and post it. Every day I would spend 2-minute posting 2-4 post on Reddit for 7 days straight and other platforms.It’s fascinating that someone can have zero social media presence and post content on Reddit and it can go viral.

For example do you guys remember the guy that post a funny rap video that went virtal and got him a job on Vaynormedia?

I understand that it could of happen in any social platform as well but I think that Reddit have one of the most engaging comment section of out of all platforms because users are completely anonymous,thus there is no filter for them to express.

I truly believe Reddit is the most SLEPT platforms to drive organic traffic and if you are not using Reddit to drive traffic you are missing out big time.

Let me rephrase this in my tone.

If you are not spamming the shit out of Reddit until they ban your IP address you’re missing out big time

Pretend I’m running a Media agency right now. I would immediately hire three unpaid interns and have them be on Reddit the whole day or I can pay a couple bucks an hour on Fiverr or Freelancer and have them distribute the heck out of the content right now.

I would argue that is worth it to take out half of your winning Facebook ads budget and use that to hire people to distribute content on Reddit because on Reddit high-quality content gets push up to the top. Imagine being on top of the list on a 125k sub reddit. The crazy thing is, it only has to happen once.

If anything I want you to take away from this article and that give more than you take.It could mean answering every DM for the next three years or engage with your audience everyday I don’t know your version of jab jab right hook but this is the blueprint. It’s really the same, no matter the platform or era.