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What is SEO? ” SEO stands for SearchEngine Optimization, which is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results. ” According to like to think of it as building a house, each website URL is a house and Google’s search engine reward the best-looking houses with the most traffic. The search engine determines the quality of your site by how well you build the structure of the house. The weight of each factor is showing in the diagram below.

Weighting of The matic clusters of ranking factors in google

Why You Should Invest In SEO For Your Busines?

There are two types of traffic you can get from Google search engine, paid traffic and organic traffic.Building SEO is about driving organic traffic to your website.Lets take a look at how much lead aRank #1 local keyword like “dentist new york city” can generate per month.

According to 75% of the click goes to the first page and 33% goes to the first search result which means an estimate of 891 click per month for the term “dentist new york city” . Now lets say out of the 891 click 10% converted into customers(89 new patient per month)

According to Datamangroup, new patients spend averages $700-$1250 a year which means Ranking number one for the keyword “dentist new york city” is approximately generating $62k- 111kper month for the business.SEO can be a very profitable lead generator if underprice attention is there.

How We Build The House

Local SEO

The first phase, we will strengthen your local search results by improving business listing in relevant business directories. Second, we will create content or optimize existing on page content, monthly outreach along with guest posts.

First month Setup

  • Local Optimization Setup
    • Google My Business Creation
    • Yelp Listing Creation
    • Bing Local Creation
    • Yellow Pages Creation
    • Additional Business Listings
    • Local Schema Markup
    • Executive Reporting
  • Local Booster
    • Business Listings
    • Directories and Aggregators
    • Reporting
  • On-Page Content Optimization
    •  Initial Site Audit
    • SEO Road Map
    • Webpage Copywriting ( including homepage)
    • Title Tag Optimization
    • Meta Description Optimization
    • URL Rewrites
  • Advanced Technical Optimization
    • Google Analytics (GA) Account Creation
    • Google Search Console (GSC) Account Creation
    • Google Tag manager (GTM) Website Installation
    • Google Analytics Firing Test
    • Sitewide Tags Definition and Testing
    • Page Tags Definition and Testing
    • Data Highlighter APplication
    • Google Analytics Filtering
    • 301 Page Redirection
    • 404 Error Correction
    • Internal Linking
    • Site Speed Optimization (for WordPress sites only)
    • Google Tools Integration Reporting

On Page SEO Optimization

The point of technical SEO is to optimize individual pages in a web in order to maintain or gain further relevantly in the search engine to get drive more traffic. As of 2019, there’re 16 key on-page SEOfactors that the search engine&users love which are title tags keyword, modifying your titles to long tail versions, wrap your title in an <H1> tag,dazzle with multimedia,wrap subheadings in H2 Tags,Drop your keywords in First 100 Words, responsive designs, outbound links, internal links,site speed,sprinkle LSI Keywords,image optimization,social sharing buttons,long form of content,dwell time and leverage SEO-Friendly URLS.

  • SEO Road Map
  • Blog Creation
  • Webpage Copywriting
  • Title Tag Optimization
  • Meta Description Optimization
  • Meta Keyword Optimization
  • Domain Redirect Optimization
  • .xml Sitemap Optimization
  • Robots.txt Check
  • URL Rewrites
  • Broken Link Report
  • Google Analytics Check & Installation
  • Google Search Console Check & Installation

Off Page SEO Optimization

Now having great content and on page optimization is important, it is equally as important to get other websites to link to your website.
Off-site SEO carries more than 50% of the ranking factor weight and the purpose of off page SEO is to improve a site’s popularity, relevance, trustworthiness, and authority. We build off page SEO in two ways.

Social Media

Social signal is one of the direct ranking factors with Google.To reach your target audience today,you will need to invest in social marketing strategies.With our technology and expertise, we share your content on social effectively.

Guest Blogging

Writing guest blogs for other websites can receive vouch which comes in the form of contextual backinks,this will give you a significant boost of rankings.This process takes up a lot of time and if you don’t want to hire someone in house to do it, we have the network and writers to implement this process.

Start Your SEO Campaign

Whether you want to rank local keywords for a local business or national terms, we offer the full package for your SEO campaign.Our team will make sure to developcustom strategies to

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