Episode # 2 Crush It On Social Media Automation

Why Do You Want Social Media Automation?

Growing a social presence can take time but for some of us, it’s just not worth the time to post daily and engage with the community. This is where online tools and software can save you tons of time and money to grow your social media.

On the other hand, there are no tools that can replace the human factor in the equation.

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Now there is always the option to let a marketing agency like us to manage it or you can learn how to use these tools yourself and grow your following 10X faster organically.

In this blog post, I’ll share the tools you need to ru automation on Linkedin,Facebook,Instagram and Pinterest.In addition, I’ll also share my two cents on the current stage of each platforms.

Keep in mind all of these tools will cost you pesos but most of them do offer free trials.

Automate Lead Generation On LinkedIn

LinkedIn is primarily used to network with professional connections but has slowly evolved into a platform to generate leads.Using Linkedin sales navigator and LinkedIn helper will automate lead generation on auto pilot.

Linkedin Sales Navigator

Linkedin sales navigator gives you the full database access to everyone on the platform. This will allow you to find qualified leads that fits your agenda with their advanced search filter is very powerful if you know what’re doing.The Linkedin sales navigator offer a 30 day free trial and after that cost $65 per month for the professional plan.

Professional features include:

✓ 20 InMail messages per month

✓ 1,500 saved leads

✓ Who’s viewed your profile

✓ Extended LinkedIn network access

✓ Advanced lead and company search

✓ Lead and account recommendations

✓ Custom Lists

✓ Territory preferences

✓ Lead and Account Alerts

✓ Email integrations (Gmail, Outlook Web)

✓ Notes and tags

✓ Sales Navigator Learning Center

✓ Includes LinkedIn Learning and Premium Career**

Linkedin Helper

Linkedin helper is a chrome extension that allows you to automate connection requests, bulk-messaging, LinkedIn profiles export, auto-endorsing, group inviting and much more.This is an amazing tool to grow your LinkedIn connection on auto pilot or send out thousands of direct message to potential clients. Linkedin helper works really well with sales navigator because you can build a list from S.N and use that list on Linkedin helper to automate direct messaging in bulk,currently it offers a 3 day free trial.


  • $15 per month (1 month payment $15)
  • $13.33 per month (3 months payment $40)
  • $10 per month (6 months payment $60)
  • $8.25 per month (12 months payment $99)

Linkedin Helper features include:

  • Get thousands of targeted contacts by sending personalised invitations to 2nd & 3rd contacts
  • Auto-mailing system, Auto-Responder, Sequential Messaging to 1st connections or LinkedIn Group Members
  • Automatic Profiles Visiting & Export to CSV file (Google Sheets / MS Excel)
  • Build targeted mailing list
  • Boost your profile and get hundreds of endorsements from other users in no time
  • Invite 1st connections to join a LinkedIn Group
  • Endorse your contacts automatically to get endorsments in return
  • Automatically add your signature to messages
  • Automatically follow or un-follow LinkedIn connections
  • Automatically withdraw sent pending invitations (invites canceller)
  • Powerful Lists manager – allows to build your own lead generation funnel and avoid intersections between campaigns

Facebook Message Bot

Our attention has shifted from radio stations & TV to social media and Facebook is still the largest social platform in 2019.

The average open rate for Facebook message is 70%.Just to give you a comparison,the average email marketing open ratio is 17.85%.Facebook direct message marketing is currently a very effective way to market your audience because all the marketers haven’t jump on it yet .

There are many message bots you can use to send bulk direct messaging to your audience, I personally use Manychat because of its simplicity and the price value.

Free plan Features Includes:

  • Unlimited Broadcasts
  • 2 Broadcast Sequences
  • 4 Growth Tools , Including: Facebook Comments Tool
  • 10 tags
  • 3 custom fields
  • ManyChat branding in Growth Tools Get Started Free

Pro plan Features Includes:

  • Unlimited Broadcasts
  • Unlimited Broadcasts Sequences
  • Unlimited Growth Tools , Including: Facebook Comments Tool Facebook Ads JSON Tool Messenger Code Tool
  • Unlimited tags
  • Unlimited custom fields
  • No ManyChat branding
  • Advanced marketing automation
  • API & Developer Tools
  • Intergrations
ManyChat Pricing

Instagram Bot

Instagram has become a platform where I do most of my Q&A and PR with my audience. Instagram is not going away anytime soon especially with the story and IGTV updates, these are fantastic moves by IG. The story update crashed Snapchat when SC was really close to taking over IG’s spotlight. Roll out IGTV because videos are 1200% likely to be shared than text and images combined.

Now you can grow your IG account with bots as well. all of the IG bots do similar things like commenting,follow&unfollow, view stories and liking post. For me personally, I just stick with auto likes because I don’t like people spamming general comments like “great picture” or “nice shot!” on my photos so I wouldn’t want that on somebody else’s posts vice versa. Plus, it’s a lot safer to just stick to auto likes, I haven’t got any of my accounts penalized by IG’s Instagram algorithm over the years.

If you only want auto likes Instazood is pretty solid.Instazood currently offers a 3-day free trial and their pricing is very flexible since you can only pay for the service you need. You can also buy the whole package which is $10 per month.

Pinterest TailWind

Pinterest is an amazing platform for driving organic traffic to blog posts or affiliate offers because it works like a search engine. You can create pins with Canva, put some related keywords & hashtags in the description,and link to your blog post .The search engine works similar to Instagram.

One of the must use tools when it comes to growing on Pinterest is Tailwind.

Tailwind allows you to do so many things, I’m going to primarily cover only two things inside Tailwind, tailwind Tribes, and scheduling.

Tailwind Tribes and Scheduling

Tailwind tribe allows you to share your content in groups, blogger exchange social share and there are hundreds of groups in a different niche you can choose from. Tailwind Tribe offers a free trial that allows you to submit up to 5 post.The plus membership is $10 a month which allow you to submit 30 posts a month along with other features as well like smart loop.

Smart loop allows you to reschedule your pin overs and over again which(not in the tribe)recycle your pins for more reach.Here is a full guide on how you can drive 100K page view with Tailwind.

Tailwind Pricing

I have no affiliation ,sponsorship, nor any partnerships with any of the products that were mention.

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