The 48 Laws of Power By Robert Greene

High school wasn’t easy for me- I didn’t understand people or society. I was bitter about school- the idea that someone could spend 12 years in a school system and barely be qualified to flip burgers was infuriating. The complacency of my peers didn’t help- despite being extremely intelligent, they accepted this as the norm and toiled. I learned nothing about personal finance or taxes- things that every citizen should master. But hey, at least I knew all the state capitols. This book would have gave me the tools to do something about my situation rather than resort to vandalism or drinking as an outlet. I could have joined clubs and learned the politics and power dynamics between teachers and ambitious teens. Or learned how to interact with/ manipulate unruly kids. I would have known how to publicly take care of bullies so they’d lose the will to fight, along with any credibility they might have had. I would have learned that my demeanor, posture, clothing, all sent a message, and weren’t simply clothes on my back. Highschool would have been the petri dish on which I cultivated these social skills with next to no repercussions. But I digress, lesson learned. The 48 Laws of Power has exposed me to some of the brightest minds in history, as well as broken down their strategies and tactics. From Kings to con-men, the tools are all in here. My copy of this book is earmarked and scribbled in with marginalia- it’s a book I refer to often. Click HERE to view