A month ago I released a video call the art of DM. It was about how to get what you want from people with direct messaging and lately, I’ve been getting lots of message regarding getting clients for a variety of online services (web development, writing gigs, marketing, etc). I notice people struggle to get clients at the start because they don’t have the resource or knowledge to build SEO rankings on Google(plus it takes a long time to rank as well 6-12 months) and don’t want to run advertising. SEO ranking and advertisement are the top two superior ways to land potential clients but it requires some expertise and resource which creates a barrier to entry for a lot of people.

However, there are still other ways to land clients for your online business like cold call/email, network events, referrals, etc and they all work. You just have to find out what works the best for your business. What works for me, over and over again is direct messaging (Not those $9.99 per month spam DM bot).In my opinion, this is the most time efficient way as a digital marketer to land the first 5-10 clients and after that, I can scale my client acquisition with SEO ranking and advertising.

Now the 2.0 the art of DM is basically the same concept as the previous one but tailored to client acquisition. How to land clients for my online service by direct messaging? Let’s get right into it.


First, we need to understand that when we slide in people’s DM they are not entitled to answer your DM and they have more leverage than you in the conversation because you’re asking except, if you’re David Aames then you get a pass but everybody else no. Now that you understand this, we can move on to finding potential clients.

First, find what platform works the best for your business, for me is Instagram so we’re going use IG as the platform to find my potential clients which are dentist, lawyers, and chiropractors. In addition, we’re going to offer pay per click ad campaigns.

To find clients on IG, you simply type in your target profession and go to the accounts section. We will use chiropractor as an example when we type in chiropractor It will give me 15 accounts with the keyword chiropractor type in.

Now after you message all of these 15 chiropractors, you will have to find other chiropractors manually from Google’s search engine but there is a “trick” you can do on Instagram to get unlimited search regarding the keyword you type in. You might think is to go to the hashtag section ( example #chiropractor ). Hashtags are too crowded and are pretty time consuming because you will have to filter people out that has nothing to do with what you’re looking for.

The solution is when you follow a person, for example, this chiropractor Dr.Erica, you will get a couple of suggestion accounts that are similar. The chance of one of them is a chiropractor is very high because the Instagram algorithm will always want to show you similar things and once you add a couple more people in the same field, the suggestion accounts will eventually be all accounts in the field. I find this method to be the most time efficient way to find professionals on IG.

How To DM Them

Now take a couple of minutes to look at their content then send a message about their content( It could anything from their latest post to their Bio info). This way people can tell it’s not a spam bot and you’re not trying to sell them anything. After they reply, you want to offer them your service for free and I mean FREE, not so you can upsell them or anything, straight up free.

Doing It For Free

Listen, there is no doubt there are people out there starting their online service business with no website no portfolio, nothing and land five six seven clients in the first month and making five digits without doing it for free. If you’re one of these people with high caliber skills or network, by all means, don’t work for free but this is for the 95% average Joes that don’t have much to work with.

By giving your service for free, you are eliminating the risk of your clients which gives you the leverage to make them say yes and assuming you have good content and your good at what you do, you will get 70-80% of people saying yes.

In addition, this is the fastest way to land a client and the value of your service(Do you know how much you should be charging?). Keep in mind, all you need is to get 5-10 clients and after that, you will start getting a lot more traction from referrals, testimony, and if you did a very good job for your free clients then the chances of them hiring you are pretty high or at least for what I do.

If you don’t have a website I highly prefer you get one because it’s essential for any online business and people will take you a little more serious. You can use the same one that I’m currently using.

Win By Being Sincere

If they’re interested in what you’re offering then you’re 75% in landing the client. The next step is to send them an email with all the in-depth information. Now I’m not going to write you an email template because I don’t believe in cookie cutters. This is what you’re going to write, the first sentence [why you’re sending this email] second paragraph[Tell them your story your truth and why you’re doing] third paragraph[How are you going to deliver your service and what they need to do].

All of this sounds very simple because it supposes to be very simple. I think for the past couple years all of these Youtube mini Tai Lopez gurus makes online business sounds like you have to conquer the entire galaxy or the choice to buy their $995 course. What worked for me in the past 20 years is having the 51% leverage in every relationship that I have with people because then instead of you going chasing for clients, they will come to you.

I answer every DM on Instagram