The Art OF Opportunity

How To Create A Position For Yourself In Any Business


Now if you’re looking for an entity position or needs a job right away, watch my other video Art Of DM Mastering Direct Message that will be more suitable. In addition, I highly prefer you to watch The Art OF DM since that video is a prerequisite to this blog post.

This blog post is primarily for people that are trying to get into their dream organizations or work under someone they admire but is lacking the experience or connections basically the opportunity, to do so.

I actually started working for free when I was 17 and I’ve spent the next two years working for free as well out of curiosity.It turns out to be one of the greatest decision in my life because I got to work in so many places and learn the culture and blueprints of their success which also helped me to write The Art OF DM and The Art OF Opportunity.

A Video will go more in-depth which will come out this week.

The Evolution OF Recruitment

over the last decades, the way we recruit talent has undergone a dramatic transformation.

  • 1950s Booming white collar jobs enhanced resume in hand.
  • 1960s & 1970s Main source of recruitment Newspaper ads. CV became the standard practice and sent from a mail.
  • 1980s Fax became the primary way for job seekers to reach employers.
  • 1990s Mobile phones took off and online job application grew along with the online job board.
  • 2017 Video resume and virtual interviews are emerging.

But did it really changed? Nope

It has always been the same.Creating the supply and demand of a job/position in a business has always been the employer.

Now I’ll show you how you how to create opportunities for yourself in any organization by creating a new supply and demand.

Get In The Door

Work For Free

One of the most underrated stepping stone is working for free.By working for free you will have the leverage to make proposals to an organization.

Make A Proposal That They Can’t Resist

Make the situation a win-win scenario that they can’t refuse and be on the offense by contacting the HR and the president letting them know what you’re offering instead of waiting for them to post a new position.


You can either offer support on whatever the organization is lacking or point out a problem then provide the solutions &how you will execute.

Be The Mailman

First of all,if they agreed and accepted your proposal,consider this as a win because you’ve created an opportunity out of nothing.

Now that you made it on the roster ,first thing you need to do is to apply patients because you’re not going to figure out any business in a month.Start working on your plan and over deliver the result.

The Intel

Get to know everybody and provide as much help as you can because they might just do the same for you.Ask as much questions as you can because you’ll need to know the in and out of the business to maximize your results which will potentially land you a job in the organization.

10 X Your Result 

Now that you’ve proved and contributed significant results to the organizations,contact management and request capital to 10 X your results by using outsource.

Introduction To outsource

Negotiate A Position

By now you’re probably the talk of the town and you want to use this monument to negotiate a job in this organization by laying out how you can be profitable to the business.